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CLIL&arts level 1

A practical day of CLIL ideas for your art lessons, focus on the language of art, and of course: a chance to let your creativity run free participating in art model lessons. 

It is possible to book this workshop for art teachers at your school. 

'Which CLIL activities are suitable for the art classroom?'

'How do I adapt these activities to my classes?'  

Art teachers can often be at a loss at general CLIL workshops. Art is such a specific subject that it calls for a CLIL day, especially for art teachers! Please join us on a practical day full of subject-specific ideas and strategies for CLIL teaching.

In level 1, you get to know various CLIL techniques that you can use in the art room. During the day's final project you will adapt these techniques for your own classes.

  • A day of total emersion in art classroom English.

  • An introduction to the use of language support for art lessons.

  • Ideas to incorporate small language goals into your lesson.

  • Techniques to support spoken English in your lessons.

  • Lots of inspiration: experience lesson ideas and activities.

  • Experience multiple ways to make analysing art interactive.

  • A chance to let your creativity flow, participating in CLIL art model lessons.

  • Opportunities to design your own materials.

  • -An introduction to the use of peer feedback for practical assignments.  

You will go home with practical ideas to try out on your next teaching day.  All participants will have access to a private online forum for art teachers. A space to share ideas, talk about challenges and ask questions. A great way to stay in touch with fellow art CLIL teachers!

What teachers said about previous courses: 

  • “Enthusiastic and professional trainers” 

  • “In comparison to other CLIL courses, this course has really made sense to me. More focus on Art and language than Language and other subjects” 

  • “Enjoyed the course very much. Good to practice and talk about teaching art and the difficulties in the lessons.” 

  • “It was practical and inspiring” 

  • “I liked the friendly communication and the involvement of all the participants.”

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