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Recycle Kahoot to save time and boost learning!

We often see teachers using digital tools (Kahoot, Quizziz, Mentimeter, etc.) to support or check their learning. We all know it takes time to put together such a quiz, so it's a shame they often don't get used again. We don't mean using it again for another class in another year. No, we challenge you to use the same quiz again (or a shorter version) with the same class the next week and the next month!

When students have completed a chapter and finished the test, we often move on to the next topic. Students will most likely forget if we don't get back to these materials, actively practicing the knowledge (again!). Active repetition is even more important for learners in CLIL as they have to remember both the content and language involved.

If you want students to remember the information longer, it could be worth it to repeat shortened versions of your digital quiz. It won't take you any time to prep this lesson element, and it will boost students’ memory.

Besides that, it is often very interesting (and sometimes shocking!) to see what students remember from a month or half a year ago.

Doing this will help save you time prepping for classes, boosting students' learning. Please don't be afraid it will be too boring for students. They will get engaged in it, as you would when learning something you haven't mastered yet.


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