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Hello. We're CLIL&more.
We support teachers with practical ideas. We believe CLIL strategies should be effective and realistic. 

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This is why we do it:

A natural way of language learning

Integrating language into subject lessons creates a more natural and practical way of learning a language.

A lasting understanding of the subjects

Due to the (second)language element in subject lessons and the (initial) desirable difficulties that come with it, deeper learning occurs. The more effort, the better the retention. 

Motivating students and teachers

CLIL does not only motivates students, it has the same benifit for teachers!

Strategic teachers

When subject teachers teach in a class in a second language, they will have to go beyond thinking 'What will I teach?". It makes them  stop and think, "How will I teach it?"

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Working with  CLIL&more

We are passionate about bilingual education and support schools and teachers in this area of education.

We strongly believe in all the benefits CLIL has to offer. We also know the struggles teachers and schools can encounter when implementing CLIL. We are mindful not to add to teacher workload but to make the most of teachers' time. 

We offer tried and tested materials and strategies in our courses and in-school training. Our coaching style can be described as practical, to the point, and realistic.

We often hear teachers describe us as quick thinkers: we can find practical and out-of-the-box solutions for any problems teachers might be facing. 

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This is who we are:

CLIL&more is a branch of the company LES&more based in the north of the Netherlands, founded by Petra Hatley-Richardson (right) and Sietske Dijkema (left). 

LES&more was set up to improve teaching quality and improve teachers' well-being. CLIL&more follows the same principles: We want to make CLIL teaching more effective, enjoyable, and efficient. 
With over ten years of experience teaching CLIL (English, mathematics, art, and cross-curricular projects), we tap into our practical knowledge of CLIL-teaching as trainers. Our suggestions will always be realistic as we know what it's like to teach a group of 30 students ;-) 

Petra and Sietske are certified and experienced teacher trainers. 
We are experienced with CLIL training and workshops in the Netherlands, and Petra gained experience working in Austria, Denmark, and Hungary.
Petra has a background in both language and subject teaching, and Sietske brings her love for PBL and experience in 20/80-learning to the table. 

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What previous participants said about our courses:

“Enthusiastic and professional trainers”

“It was practical and inspiring”

“I liked the friendly communication and the involvement of all the participants.”

"Very nice ambiance, proper feedback, and fun!"

"Practical ideas suitable for our subject"

"It was really great and a fun day!!! Thank you "
“In comparison to other Clil courses, this course has really made sense to me. More focus on Art and language than Language and other subjects”

This is what we do:

Courses CLIL & PBL

for subject and language teachers

Coaching on CLIL

for teams and individuals

In-school training

tailor-made courses and workshops


setting up CLIL

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Office inspiration

practical CLIL
Sept-Nov 2024

An afternoon online course (four sessions of 90 minutes) for CLIL teachers in partnership with Rosie Tanner

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CLIL& classroom management

In this practical course we look at several techniques and concepts to make your CLIL lesson run smoothly.

Painters Palette

CLIL& art
level 1 and 2

Art is such a specific subject that it calls for CLIL courses, especially for art teachers!

More information
Colleagues at Work

Designing CLIL materials

In this multi-day course, you will work with your subject/language teacher to truly integrate subject and language in a series of lessons or 'a project'.

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