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Activities for reading a text in your CLIL lesson

This week I wanted to use the news article about the four Colombian children found in the jungle after a plane crash. I didn't have much time to prepare for this lesson, as the news just came in, but I was pretty happy with the result. That's why I would like to share this simple setup for a reading activity. In this case, I used it for an English class, exploring the news, but you could use this format for any lesson as long as you have a text and an image.

Download the PowerPoint for this ready-made lesson and read the teacher's instructions in the PowerPoint notes.

For this lesson, using a random name selector and mini-whiteboards is important to ensure all students are engaged. If possible, use the think-pair-share technique to get students interacting.

These simple steps can be used to make any reading activity engaging: 1. Speculate on a picture

2. Make a list of questions about things you want to know about the picture/news article

3. Predict the answers to true/false questions about a news article

4. Read the text and check the answers

5. Phrase more questions: What questions do you have left after reading this text? Follow up by watching or reading more news items to find the answers to your questions.

Don't forget you can ask ChatGPT for help generating true/false questions for your text. This might save even more time! All in all, the preparation for this lesson shouldn't be more than 15 minutes.

News lesson June 13
Download PPTX • 451KB

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